Covid Consent Form

Please see the following message from Nurse Meg!

As part of the going back to school process Cincinnati Public Schools is aiming for 80% consent rate for Covid 19 testing at the school. Allow me to explain what this means. CPS, Cincinnati Health Department and Children’s Hospital has a collaboration to have Covid-19 testing available at all of the Cincinnati Public Schools. I can test any CPS student (with symptoms) right here at school. The results almost always come back the next day by 6am. I don’t know if you have had testing done elsewhere but this is very rare to get a result back the next day. As you might remember if your child has symptoms consistent with Covid while at school they will be sent home and cannot return until they either have a negative Covid test or isolate. Testing at school can markedly cut down on the amount of time they have to stay out. Please know however, even if I have a consent I will not test unless I speak to you. AND, when I call you to ask permission you can refuse even if I have this on file. Also, we will not be randomly testing people. It is just for students with symptoms.

I know there are some parents who absolutely do not want your child tested at school and that is okay. If you do not want your child tested I encourage you to return the signed consent with some sort of bold marking that you do not want your child tested. This way I at least know that you have seen my pleas and will not pester you! Again, if you change your mind you can fill out another consent.

You can either print off this consent and bring it to school or you can print if off, scan it and email it back to me. I need a signed copy.

If you have any questions please call at 363-4421, [email protected]