PRM Spirit Caravan

175 days.  175 days is the approximate number of days a student attends school each year.  That is about 32 hours a week or more that students spend with the teachers and staff of PRM. The school year 2019-2020 is short of that number by 43 days, but thanks to PRM administration, teachers and staff, the connection has continued through bedtime stories shared on facebook, porch photos, virtual classrooms, virtual scavenger hunts, emails, phone calls, texting and drive by waves and thousands of air hugs through google meet.  The staff has encouraged the students in innumerable ways to stay safe, be kind, to learn and be curious.  They  have also encouraged the parents by thanking them for their courage and the amazing work they are doing at home.

Today, as the PRM Spirit Caravan rode through the neighborhoods of PRM, an incredible force was felt – the force of missing someone who is a huge part of our lives – the force of missing a family. The family that is the village, the community that raises our children.  Thank you PRM teachers and staff for keeping us in your thoughts and hearts, you are in ours!

In the slideshow, you can see the detail and care that each staff member put into decorating their car with messages of encouragement and celebration of PRM!  To view more photos, go to the PRM PTO Facebook page and ask to join the group, click here!

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