Thanksgiving Boxes 2021

The tradition is back! Thanksgiving Boxes! This year each classroom will fill a box as part of a Service Learning Project, look for more information from your students teacher. Continuing last years tradition, PRM is providing the opportunity to participate by either receiving a Thanksgiving box or by donating money to provide a Thanksgiving box! Or to help assemble the boxes at the Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian church.

To receive a Thanksgiving box, fill out the form below by November 15th! You’ll be contacted to receive your box the beginning of the week of Thanksgiving. After the 15th, please contact Monique Johnson by calling 513-363-4400.

To donate money to provide a thanksgiving box, click here! $25 Donations will be for 1/3 of a Thanksgiving box. Due to shipping shortages, prices have risen. Thank you for anyone who can donate!

To help assemble, come to the Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian Church on November 21st! You are welcome to join worship at 10:30. Assembly will begin at 11am! Masks required. Community Happens Here will be providing coffee and cocoa!