A New Taste of 9-12!

At PRM 2019-2020, there have been many new students and new staff!  The new energy has been infectious from how students are greeted at the door to PRM sports teams to the car line that flows through the veins of the street pushed by a calm heartbeat – thanks to the construction completion and PRM Staff with stop signs.  The new great things won’t stop there when new after school programs start soon of Candy Chemistry and Hooked on Fishing.  There’s Yoga, Coffee cup, Spanish, Webby dance, girl scouts, cub scouts, art club, music club!  It is endless!  There are five new teachers at the 9-12 level and it has nothing but great taste!  Literally and figuratively!  One highlight pictured here, is Mrs. Anderson class. The class studied culture and presented projects about their own families’ culture.  They learned about culture and artifacts and then tasted some artifacts!  Mrs. Anderson brought treasures from Jungle Jims and gave the students a task, to taste these different artifacts, describe them, draw them and then research and investigate to find where they were from!  The result was some pretty interesting faces – some of delight and some of distaste!  But no distaste of 9-12!  These teachers have these students learning and experiencing community like never before!  Thank you to all the new staff in 9-12 and the whole school!

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