Beautiful corner of Earth, PRM

Walking into school Friday, September 20th drew a picture that brought eyes to vibrant colors and messages on the sidewalk as students entered school about the earth, its beauty and the hope that kids bring.  A few families spontaneously got together to draw and make a beautiful corner at PRM.  I asked Jill Korach, a parent at PRM, what motivated them to share these drawings and here she responds:

We felt like it was important to highlight and support this week’s global environmental action. In particular, the actions driven by children that were happening around the world. We decided drawing earth-centered supportive messages was one way to bring attention to this right here in our home community. It can be difficult for children to navigate their place in adult society and the more we remind and support them in their own interests, actions, and development, the more confident they will each be in future work leading and taking action. At first, the parents were clearly most interested in this idea but soon upon arriving at school, our children were asking to look up internet images to use as the basis of their drawings or how to spell particular words! Some families even road their bikes to keep with the earth-centered theme! We all really enjoyed this activity! It’s great to be part of a Montessori community, where we can support one another ideas and can keep the importance of positivity, peace, and the value of nature connections at the forefront of our minds. Go, PRM!

~ Jill Korach

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