African American History Month @ PRM

February is African American History Month! Various events will be happening at PRM throughout the month!  Photos will be added to this post to share the awesomeness.  On Friday, Febraury 7th, students were invited to dress like their favorite African American Hero.  In the photos, you will see just a few of the many students from all grade levels that participated with dressing like their favorite African American hero.  Some of the 9-12 students researched African American history makers and wrote about them to decorate their door – (more about this to come)!  All students became participants as they asked each other who they were – it was as if the heart and legacy of all these heroes walked the halls.  Martin Luther King Jr.  Katherine Johnson. Mae Jemison. Kobe Bryant.  Beyonce. Jackie Robinson.  Ruby Bridges. Michael Jackson. Oprah Winfrey.  Harriet Tubman. Barack Obama. Michelle Obama…  The list goes on, too many to count – today was about beginning to envision and comprehend the impact that these heroes have had on humanity.

And how many posts will end with this saying?  So many, because at PRM – with High Heroic Heart, the did their valiant part.

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