Daily Specials Challenges!

Ms. Maria, Ms. Kate, Mr. David and Mr T. challenge you to complete ALL of the DAILY SPECIALS CHALLENGES! Specialists have created a calendar with daily challenges for students/families/staff.  Check out the Calendar (which is also located in the Specials Google Drive and below) and then post or email students accomplishing the tasks. These challenges are not graded, they are simply for enrichment and to spread school spirit! Have fun!

Click here, here for a PDF of the Daily Specials Challenges.

Click here, for the Specials one stop google file.

Maria Kitsinis, Music Specials: [email protected]

Kate McGreevy, Art Specials: [email protected]

David Church, Technology Specials: [email protected]

Britton Thornberry, Physical Education Specials: [email protected]