IMAGO: Daily Ranger Activity

As we know time spent outside is not only fun, it’s a great way to disconnect from the screen and slow the world down a little bit, it’s also a great place to learn.

  • Imago has been offering a daily (Monday – Friday) Daily Ranger Activity. These are designed to be done easily by any student without needing special equipment or training. You can do these activities in a yard or park. We have 15 of them so far and we’ll add more each day.
  • You can access past and new Imago Rangers content either on our Google Drive Folder on our Imago Ranger page on our Website. We also post new pages on our Facebook Page.
  • We love submissions, so send us your feedback, ideas, and your creations and we’ll feature them on our social media (with your permission).

~ From PRM community Partner, IMAGO!