PRM Flamingo Fundraiser!

Looking to build school spirit over the summer? Help raise funds for the school? Or maybe just prank a friend?

Flamingo flocks are returning to the PRM community! Surprise someone you know by sending a flock of flamingos to their front lawn! The flamingos typically roost for a couple of days before moving on to the next lawn. Flamingos prefer the climate in Pleasant Ridge and the surrounding neighborhoods so unfortunately flocks can’t migrate farther.

Fill out the form below to participate!

Find a flock in your yard? Re-home the flock by completing the form below with Regular flocking or Teacher/Staff flocking (includes flock placement and rehoming).

To guarantee the flamingos stay out of your yard, Flamingo Insurance can be purchased for $30.

Regular Flocking: $20
Flamingo Insurance: $30
Teacher/Staff Flocking: $40

For questions: contact Lindsey Felder at 614-937-7054 or [email protected]

Join in the school spirit and fun this summer! Flock sales start May 26. Look for flamingos around the neighborhood starting June 1.