Giving Thanks!

It may be May and the Covid-19 virus has kept us distant, but it has not stopped the PRM community from reaching out to the community to give and to teach.  Principal Ms. Simpson and Assistant Principal Ms. Stegman, Mr. Jordan Bankston with his organization Forever Kings and Allie Goodman with the PTO worked together to give out Food boxes. They were joined by PRM teachers, Sarah Lofquist, Shadonn Stewart, Ariel Crump, Linda Clark, Allyson Olgilby and Senior Support Specialist, Lori Lewis. The foodbox giveaway will continue next week when students are allowed to pick up their belongings.

If you missed the foodbox giveaway last night, you may pick them up May 12th and 14th when PRM will be giving out chrome books to families that do not have a digital device.  Please click here for details for the digital devices and the schedule for when students may pick up their belongings.

This unique season of giving continued with staff appreciation week!  PTO and Foundation have provided lunches for the staff as they closed up their classrooms from local restaurants, Gas Light, Nine Giant, Coffee Exchange and Revolution.  They also gave staff PRM masks from Queen City Spirit.

Look for more information about the closing of the school year from Ms. Simpson through powerschool and robo-calls and! In the meantime, thank you to PRM staff!  Thank you for giving to us all!

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