Grandparents Day! A Picture of Peace and Community

PRM welcomed Grandparents and special friends to the gym for coffee and tea from Coffee Cup Class and music performances by PRM Strings and Miss Becky’s and Miss Sarah’s 6-9 communities. There were over 300 individuals who attended, whose legacy can be seen everyday in the children of PRM. Poignantly remarked by Ms. Simpson of the students, they can’t be what they can’t see. It was clear today the kindness and support being given to them far surpasses what we can see on a day to day basis, but the students see when they are with their families. The gym was filled to its corners as those who attended partook in the pledge of allegiance and meditation moment that opens every school day. Then the music performances and readings by some students filled hearts and gave hope and beauty. The grandparents then visited their child’s classrooms to see first hand the beauty of Montessori – they can be what they see – in multi-age classrooms they see the older kids and the younger kids learning from each other. The legacy of Grandparents day at PRM is a sight to see – and one that continues where students learn from their grandparents and today their grandparents learned from them a picture of peace and community at PRM!

Thank you to Music teacher Maria Kitsinis, Strings Teacher Carolyn Quinn, Coffee Cup Teachers RuthAnne Wolfe and Kelli Domke and all of the countless volunteers who made this event possible!

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