Hands Around PRM 2019!

The community of PRM gathered to join hands around the school on the evening of Wednesday, October 23rd.  Two years ago, the community gathered for the first time to join hands around the school to symbolize PRM’s motto: One school. One student. One Future. We make a difference. PRM. Since then, there have been many changes, new teachers, staff and students – and the hands in the community have gripped tighter and have carried each other through a journey to become an amazing place to learn.  After the community joined hands, they entered the school to experience a Montessori journey to get a taste of what it is like to be in a Montessori school.  In a Montessori environment, students work independently or in groups with specially-designed learning materials. The classrooms are simple and students don’t stick to a desk, but move around completing their work plans or contracts as self-motivated learners.  This evening, food trucks offered a tempting delicious smell and yummy food for busy families throughout the event.  All those who attended left seeing a more complete picture of a Montessori education!

Editor/Photographer Note: As one of the photographers at PRM, I see the community growing, especially my fellow photographers.  I’m just one of the ones capturing what PRM means, because there are many – the parents taking sports photos and the many yearbook students proudly walking around with their cameras.  From the many pictures shared on facebook to the students taking pictures in the yearbook, I couldn’t be more proud of this community sharing what it means to them in pictures.  Amazing visuals of student work is on display throughout the school.  Featured in the slideshow are also some photos from Zoe Kyrlach and Phoebe Kyrlach!  Check out Facebook for more awesome photos and buy a yearbook this year!!!!

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