New Tutor Volunteer and General Volunteer Pages!


Ever wonder how you could help support your student at PRM?

Check out our new Tutor Volunteer page and General Volunteer page for ideas!

At PRM, we know that tutoring helps a child for a lifetime! We also know that when one child is helped, the whole class is helped. Tutors are needed to assist students in 1st -6th grade in reading and or math! Click here for more details!

At PRM, we also know there are volunteers that keep PRM running with those tasks not easily categorized from sorting materials to building shelves to painting to planning events, making chili or something yummy for the staff.  Possibilities to help and support are endless!    Montessori education depends on its family and community to support the learning process.  If you are interested in being a general volunteer or more specific things with PTO or another parent group, click here.

Join us at in welcoming PRM’s new Asst. School (Tutoring) Coordinator, Jamie Donaldson, [email protected] ! It’s going to be an exciting year!