PRM Grandparents Day 2022

On November 18th, at Pleasant Ridge Montessori, it was as if time folded in upon itself and the last 3 years vanished. PRM was able to open their doors to Grandparents and special friends for the first time since 2019.  With well over 400 guests, every seat and space was filled. The students of Coffee Cup class served free coffee, tea and hot chocolate. A showcase of student talent began with a flag ceremony led by Girl Scout Troop #42820.  Individual performances were given on violin by Joshua Taylor, on piano by Quinn Gailer, on violin by Jackson Conner, on violin by Araba Micah and on cello by Simeon Kyrlach.  The after school program, Webby Dance, brought the beat with two group performances of I Just Can’t Wait to Be King and Old Town Road. Three performers, Jane Birmaher, Ivy Syroney and Olivia Richey, sang a selection from last years musical Shrek Jr. Girls to Women closed the presentation out with a reading. Girls to Women and men of M.O.R.E. were ambassadors to guide grandparents to their student’s classroom. For an hour, grandparents visited students in their classrooms. Each community overflowed with students proudly sharing their work and grandparents grinning in praise.

Since photographing Grandparents day in 2019, it seems as if time has jumped. Grown up faces have a few more wrinkles and gray hair – a map of the smiles and joy in this: the babies in 3-6 have become leaders in 6-9 and the 6-9 students have grown into a glimpse of the young adults they are becoming in 9-12. Perhaps the experience hit closest for Barbara Harper who upon entering found a picture of her and her husband at a previous Grandparents day event at PRM. She shared her story wiping away tears as we stood in front of the picture. She shared how she had lost her husband in October and how much he meant to her and to her grandson. Photographing this day was moving and we are left with a beautiful vision of all these folds of time and generations together. 

~ Missy Kyrlach (photographer and website manager)

Thank you to all the volunteers for making PRM’s Grandparents Day 2022 one to remember!