PRM Porch Pictures: A gift from a PRM Teacher

Miss Catherine, a beloved teacher at PRM, gave a gift to the community this past week as she traveled around the neighborhood to gather porch family portraits. She will continue to do more portraits in the next week! During these unprecedented circumstances of the school closure, Miss Catherine gave us a heartwarming, fun and interesting way to document our collective experience. She took portraits of PRM families in front of their homes or front yard capturing their hearts and character.

Thank you to Miss Catherine and to all the PRM staff reaching out to connect to the community during the school closure.  Miss Catherine along with other PRM teachers have been sharing bedtime stories on facebook. Also, there will be another Spirit Caravan, Friday April 24th where teachers will ride around the neighborhood to raise our spirits!

Here are a few of the portraits of PRM by Miss Catherine Guimaraes!  Again, thank you for this wonderful gift!

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photographs by Catherine Guimaraes