The Little Free Library for PRM

There’s house someone built, with room inside for stories from far away.  It’s a Little Free Library built by the daughter of PRM’s 6th grade Cultural Studies teacher, Allison Frazier.  Maddie, Ms. Frazier’s daughter, designed, constructed and painted the library as a birthday gift to her mother.  She spent all of her summer on it before heading off college. Ms. Frazier writes, “I have wanted one forever, and it’s the best gift I’ve ever received. I still tear up thinking about the work, the thoughtfulness, her many talents and gifts…etc.” The Little library was originally meant to be outside Ms. Frazier’s home, but their HOA asked them to move it.  So like a house of dreams that cannot be taken down, it moved along and the Little Library found a home at PRM.  And now the Little Free Library is where it was meant to be – among a community whose love of learning is continually growing.

A Little Free Library is a community library, where everyone is invited to borrow a book and place books in the library to share!(Remember to keep PRM’s little library age appropriate).

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