PRM is a model for the nation as a premier public urban neighborhood school noted for its diverse and peaceful environment, community involvement, and outstanding student outcomes.
To offer every neighborhood child a quality Montessori education, collaborating with community Partners in a peaceful and environmentally – conscious setting, which nurtures a lifelong love of learning.
To continue the implementation of a healthy and sustainable environment throughout the school and surrounding communities and neighborhood.
To create a Community Learning Center at PRM with the active participation of parents, extended families, community members (or neighbors) and partners.
To develop an awareness and practice in each child and adult at PRM that incorporates the values of peace: kindness, compassion and mutual respect.
To focus on the development of the whole child by offering a curriculum of teaching that opens the child’s heart and mind to learning by leading him/her to ask questions for him/herself, explore, investigate and discover. In turn, the child learns patience, tolerance, respect and an appreciation for other perspectives, affording him/her academic success in 7th grade and beyond.
To ensure that the school/student population reflects neighborhood demographics in terms of race, ethnicity, and socioeconomics.

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