Help Send 6th graders to Camp Ernst

6th Grade Camping – Help send all 6th graders to Camp Ernst!

Parents of students at our neighborhood school are organizing a special day and celebration of the school’s 6th grade class by taking them to Camp Ernst on Saturday, May 15. To be clear, this is NOT a PRM 6th grade event and will occur only through the support of parent organization.

We want to celebrate our 6th graders. For over a year, they have experienced little time together. Parents are organizing a special outing to Camp Ernst on May 15 to give our 6th grade learners a day of adventure, fun, team building, and recognition of their hard work together. They have worked hard this school year to get through 6th grade. We are making this day free for each student, including a free meal.

This is a parent organized event. We have a fundraising goal of $4,000 to cover the cost of our day trip to Camp Ernst. This will cover the cost of each student. Phone calls have been made to try and reach as many 6th grade families as possible. PRM and CPS are not involved, as all field trips continue to be cancelled through the school year. To donate, click here.

To sign up your 6th grader, see the flyer below for instructions!