Make Some Noise: We are PRM!

On Friday, October 2nd, students and their caregivers gathered to make some noise to show their appreciation for the tireless work and the deep passion of PRM teachers and staff. When students and caregivers arrived, they looked down at their path to find that the teachers had written their own messages of love and thanks. Drawn in colorful, bright chalk were messages – We miss you! We love you! You are so strong! Whether near or far! You are our sunshine. Our day is what we make of it!

Yesterday, when Hamilton county turned to red in the state health map, it was announced that school would continue in remote learning. Until then, the teachers and staff had been preparing and making the school ready for the students. From this difficult situation, a community grows stronger, more resilient and louder! “We are PRM” shouted the crowd! Drums beat loud! Ukuleles strummed! Maracas shook, trumpets blared, pots banged, hands clapped and voices shouted. Whatever the school year of 2020-2021 holds, “We’ve got this!”

If you were unable to come to the Make Noise event, please feel free to leave your message of thanks and appreciation to PRM Staff and Teachers below!! (Special thanks to Sara Newman for taking the first step in making this noise happen! And as you can see in the pictures, PRM parents do full contact support!)

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  1. Thank you PRM teachers and staff! My thanks and appreciation can barely be contained in words. A huge shout out to Mr. Walter, Mrs. Frazier and Mrs. Rollins! You are an amazing 6th grade team! Thank you Mrs. Rollins for coming to PRM! Thank you Mrs. Anderson and Ms Donnelly! You are such a thoughtful team that takes care of these kids! Thank you Ms. Becky for courage, leadership and heart! Thank you Ms. Megan for reaching and connecting with these students for the first time online and drawing them in!! Ms. Simpson! There aren’t enough words! Ms. Stegman, Ms Lewis, Miss Gina, Ms. Thea, Miss D. Mrs. Bonfield, Miss Kate, Mr. David, Mr. T, Ms. Maria, PRM wouldn’t be PRM without you! Thank you Miss Brandi, Miss Danel, Miss Laurie, Miss Jenn, Miss Pompei, Miss Jazz…I should just post the staff directory! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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