Message from Principal Simpson regarding TikTok

Greetings PRM Community,

The social media platform known as TikTok allows subscribers to create videos that include music and other graphic and technical features.  This platform is very popular among young people, celebrities, and adults alike.  Recently there have been a series of challenges called “Devious Licks” issued by month encouraging devious behavior targeting schools.  Last month the challenge was to destroy the bathroom or a piece of school property.  We had several instances of this behavior and had to adjust our supervision of students during bathroom visits.  The challenge for the month of October is to smack a teacher or staff member. 

Whether your child is a TikTok subscriber or not, word of these challenges spreads fast.  Know that this behavior will not be tolerated and is punishable by recommendation for expulsion and immediate suspension from school.  The staff member also reserves the right to file charges with the local police district and pursue additional consequences as deemed by law.  

We are asking for your support by talking with your students and discouraging this behavior and participation in any challenge that is not positive or beneficial to the healthy social-emotional growth of the child and the school community.  Please refer to the information copied from the CPS District Code of Conduct included below as you are having this conversation and reflecting with your child each day.  Teachers will be addressing this issue during their community meetings and advisory lessons.  Administrators will also be providing additional warnings regarding this behavior and reinforcing our school-wide expectations during morning announcements and classroom visits.

Thank you for partnering with us in our efforts to maintain and safe and healthy school environment that leads to outstanding student outcomes.  Please don’t hesitate to contact  your child’s teacher or school administrators if you have any questions or concerns.


Principal Simpson

District Code of Conduct

The CPS Code of Conduct states that Physical Assault is a Category 3 offense, stating “Students must not physically attack another person. Physical assault is considered unprovoked hitting, kicking, shoving, spitting or otherwise causing physical pain or harm to another… This includes student to student assaults and student to staff assaults.”

The Code of Conduct directs that “the principal, finding a student has committed, attempted to commit, aided or abetted the commission of, conspired to commit, or participated in any manner even if not completed in the commission of any of the following [category 3] offenses will submit a recommendation to the Superintendent that the student be referred to the Promise Center program (alternative to suspension or expulsion school). The principal will immediately notify CPS’ Security when a criminal offense in this category [3] is committed.”