Thank You Mr. Sterling!

On Monday, September 30th, the whole school gathered to honor Mr. Donald Sterling as he officially began his retirement. Amazingly, Mr. Sterling worked for the Cincinnati Public School district for 38 years and spent his last 6 years here at PRM!   His hard work and dedication to the children was unmatched.  He always had a smile on his face and a familiar saying to greet you with. Every day that we had him at PRM was truly a blessing and we know that he spoiled us, even though he constantly told us that we were spoiling him 😉

Mr. Sterling was presented with many cards from staff members and students and was given gifts including a photograph of the school as well as handmade large banners expressing our love for him. The whole school sang, “Happy Retirement to You” and Mr. Sterling and his wife both expressed their gratitude for this community that he has been a part of these past several years.

It certainly won’t be the same around PRM without him. But we wish him the very best and know that he is thrilled to now get to travel to see his grandchildren and how lucky for them that he will be able to give them the love and smiles and dedication he has given to our school.

Article by Allie Goodman

Pictures by Allie Goodman and Marissa Albright

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